ILE’s new website will be launched this summer with a communication and education campaign on economic freedom and free market. The purpose of the Call for Articles is to receive the content that we will publish to create the thematic framework of the Institute.


We are currently looking for articles on the following topics:

  1. Individual Liberty and Responsibilities (freedom as an inalienable constitutional and human right and the individual as a moral agent);
  2. Free Enterprise (the importance of an environment that induces investment);
  3. Private Property (the principle of the right to private property in a free-market economy);
  4. State of Law and Order (and its role in the free market);
  5. Challenges of Classical Liberalism (classical liberalism as the free market school and its questions and challenges);

These could be focused on in several ways, such as:

  1. Meaning and foundations of the topic;
  2. Background and current debates;
  3. How the selected topic affects the everyday life of people;
  4. Relationship of economic liberty with individual liberty and rights;
  5. Importance of free market access for everyone;

Guidelines for Submission

  1. Article length: Between 600 and 1,000 words maximum.
  2. Articles must include an abstract of 50-100 words and up to five keywords.
  3. Articles should have takeaways (up to 26 words each), as follows: Articles between 600 and 750 words: 2-3 takeaways; articles between 751 and 900 words: 3-4 takeaways; and articles between 901 and 1,000 words: 4-5 takeaways.
  4. Tables and figures (e.g. graphs and infographics) can be included; authors can just provide the data for the figures and our graphic artist will design them.

We will receive articles throughout the year, but we must have them no later than July 15 to be included on time for the launch of the website.

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